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Town Center at Aurora is on the Rise and Better than Ever

Town Center at Aurora has a new team and a new outlook on a bright future that is happening right now

Aurora, Colorado March 26th, 2021 – Town Center at Aurora’s team wants you to know that they are focused and committed to business readiness, community collaboration, and your safety. Recently, Aurora/Denver native Joel M. Boyd has been hired for the role of General Manager to round out a growing team.  

Joel and the team including Scott Cartwright, Operations Director, and Alexis Watts, Marketing Director lead Town Center at Aurora’s future while collaborating with the community and tenants to execute innovative on-property events and activation's. The team oversees capital improvement plans for the facility, marketing, and sponsorship's as well as managing the growing business development at the center. 

“We are changing Town Center at Aurora with this team one community member at a time,” said Joel Boyd General Manager at Town Center at Aurora. “Our goal is to ensure that our center provides the best experience for our guests. Our team is committed to working with all to ensure that we build upon the promise of all of our upcoming developments like FieldhouseUSA and our new ghost kitchen currently under construction. This is truly a destination place for the Aurora community and beyond.”

Our Town Center at Aurora is changing and our new team is focusing on business readiness, community collaboration, and SAFETY and being a positive light in our diverse city. We want you to join us on our journey as we build a great community/business space for all.