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In-N-Out Burger Opening and Traffic Plan

We're excited to welcome In-N-Out Burger to the outer ring road of our property! This is an exciting new opportunity for a partnership between the business and Town Center at Aurora and we can't wait to do great things together. For the next couple of weeks, we are expecting high traffic volume around our center due to the In-N-Out Burger grand opening. For best practices regarding traffic and parking see below:


Enter on Sable Blvd near the Century Theater or at the Southern Abilene entrance near Aurora Federal Credit Union. Avoid the northern end of the property for best access.


Enter at the Northern Abilene entrance at the stop light, or the Alameda entrance.


Thank you for your patience! This grand opening has generated an amazing community response and we're excited to see you enjoying your burgers while shopping at Town Center at Aurora.


In-N-Out Traffic Plan